Founded in 2010, Indabenhle Projects  is the national leader in plumbing maintenance services and water solutions.

Through our commitment to the plumbing industry and our standard of service, we maintain our value, integrity, honesty and trust within our company, to our staff, our stakeholders and most importantly our customers.

We at Indabenhle Projects  have built and will continue to build and improve on our specialist services, respect and recognition. Our goal is to maintain the brand Burgess and Partners has within the industry and the public at large.

Product / Service Range

Plumbing Services

General Installations and Maintenance (Turnkey Projects)

Boiler/Geyser Installations

Drainage Laying

Bathroom Renovations

Sewage Connections

Water Main

Heat Pumps (Energy Saving Solution)

Fire Hose and Hydrants Installations

Gutter and Storm Drainage Systems